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Tradition and innovation
At Mayfair Cleaning, we take pride in the standards we set ourselves. We're proud of our track record, our heritage and the associations we have built up with a loyal client base.

Consistently good cleaning is the result of good planning, careful staff selection, thorough training, helpful and encouraging supervision. It is also the result of some informed choices when it comes to materials and machines.

Eco-friendly Cleaning

Cleaning isn't just about aesthetics and looking good. It's about looking after the environment in the broader sense. Today, our clients look for evidence that we go about our business in a responsible way. At Mayfair, we like to lead green initiatives in everything that we do.

Not only do we carefully select the products we use to make sure they minimise pollution, we make sure we use solutions where a little goes a long way. We think about the packaging they come in, what happens when you dispose of bottles and other containers. We think about the vehicles we use to get to you, the rotas we plan to cut fuel consumption (and travel time).

  • Green Cleaning The products we use carry the TRECOS mark, a sign that they reduce the impact of the cleaning process on the environment. As part of our pre-contract assessment, we will identify the most appropriate products to ensure we minimize energy usage and keep the consumption of materials to a minimum.
  • Waste Management We will organise regular collections and provide a range of disposal solutions to meet your needs. We will provide suggestions and practical help to encourage staff to sort and recycle waste, making it easier for them by providing clearly marked or colour coded bins. It's just one of the many initiatives we take to ensure we minimise the impact of waste.

Quality Cleaning

All too often, we hear of clients who were delighted with their new cleaning company but found that things started to slide only weeks into their contract. At Mayfair, our managers are there to ensure the standards we abide by are maintained, week in week out, year after year.

It's one of the reasons we've been around for over a century. Why we've enjoyed working for a host of loyal customers. Why we're listed by so many accreditation bodies and been in service to the Royal Family for so long.

  • Accreditations For an objective assessment of the quality and standards we work to, a look at the many accreditations we have earned - and maintain - will let you see how passionate we are about doing the best job we can.

    Mayfair Cleaning works hard to attain these standards. Not many other companies - certainly not of our size - can boast similar high standards.

  • CHAS We are members of the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme. As well as confirmation that our H&S initiatives measure up, membership of CHAS brings suppliers such as ourselves and buyers together, making the selection of compliant, reliable service providers quicker and easier.

  • ISO 14001:2004 Our Environmental Management Systems comply with ISO 14001:2004 which provides a framework for an holistic, strategic approach to environmental policies, plans and actions. Widely recognised, it is evidence of our systematic commitment to setting and achieving environmental objectives and targets. 

  • Royal Warrant Granted in 1959, The Mayfair Cleaning Company is proud to carry the Royal Warrant for Cleaning Services By Appointment to HM The Queen.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Mayfair Cleaning has implemented ISO 9001:2008, abiding by its international standards for a Quality Management System. Certification shows that we take a systematic approach to organising and managing our processes so that these meet our customers' expectations.

  • SAFE Contractor Set up to inspect safe systems of work, SAFE Contractor Approved accreditation is one of the leading pre-qualification assessment schemes. For many organisations, being part of the scheme is a condition in order to qualify for tenders and contracts.

Technology & Innovation

As you'd expect, we've moved on a long way from the suds and shammy leathers used 100 years ago. Where time-honoured techniques and 'tricks of the trade' still apply, we go on using them. But we also keep up with all the latest developments and technologies.

These are just some of the ways we look for to improve our service offering, to add value and protect the environment:

  • Site auditing To keep track of our movements around your site, to help analyse and identify efficiencies and to report back to you on Key Performance Indicators, Mayfair Cleaning uses hand-held data recorders for reliability and speed. And, of course, where appropriate, we'll also use manual systems to keep our records up-to-date.
  • TRECOS The products and cleaning solutions we use carry the TRECOS mark, an ecological rating system designed to reduce the impact of cleaning products on the environment.

    Among its stringent criteria, TRECOS looks at the impact of the raw materials used, the amount of packaging used, environmental hazard classifications, the amount of energy required to manufacture the finished product, any health risks associated with the product's use, how often it must be used, labelling clarity and how biodegradable product waste and packaging are.
  • Diamond floor pads The latest innovation in floor maintenance, these provide a revolutionary cleaning system that uses polishing pads coated with millions of microscopic diamonds. Suitable for use on natural stone, terrazzo, concrete, vinyl and epoxy surfaces, they do away with the need to use chemicals and leave floors clean, glossy and polished.
  • Bar coded supplies Services such as our bar-coded feminine hygiene bins are another innovation. These ensure that bins never get missed. Signed customer delivery receipts are emailed back to Mayfair and to the customer for quick and easy supervision and control.
  • Slip Testing Hard floors look spectacular but they can present risks. For your peace of mind and the safety of visitors, consider a slip test. We can measure in micrometers how abrasive your floors are, take account of surface contaminants and report impartially on the state of your floors. Documented and cleared, you'll know if your floors meet the required standards. It could help you avoid costly litigation.

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