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Transparency and simplicity
One call is all it takes to get your cleaning sorted out. Whatever your needs. As well as windows, carpets and daily cleaning, we can handle laundry, pest control, drain clearance, caustic cleaning, consumables - you name it.

Our flexibility and responsiveness don't end there. Our entire management is geared towards delivering exactly the kind of service and support you want.

Our Values

The way Mayfair manages its contracts is what sets it apart. Our focus is on quality of delivery. Because we limit the number of portfolios each of our Managers will handle, we can keep a close eye on standards. Larger contracts will be assigned one or more dedicated Supervisors under the direct control of a Manager.

Always Reliable
Mayfair Cleaning is a partner you can depend on with confidence. We do what we say we are going to do. And we do it well. Plus, there's always a manager you can talk to about any aspect of our service.

Always In touch
Communication is key. We talk to our clients about their service, about what is done, what cannot be done, what should be done. This approach sets the tone for our relationship with you, keeping things open, up front and honest.

Always Accountable
Transparency, accountability and integrity. These are part of our core values. We will analyse your needs, plan a programme and implement it as agreed - on time, on budget and to your specification. Then we'll review it regularly to maintain our standards through the life of the contract.

The Management Team

The real difference in a service industry is the quality of its management. By rallying different talents, Mayfair can count on a wide range of experienced hands.

We're different because of the diverse and innovative ways that we blend that experience, bringing new and old cleaning technologies and practices together in a way that reflects the pedigree of our combined field experience.

  • A Close-knit Unit Day-to-day operations at Mayfair Cleaning are run by our team of Area Managers, supplemented by External Accounting, Invoicing and Human Resources, supported by the Chairman, Managing Director and Finance Director.
  • Area Managers Each Area Manager is responsible for the complete running of the contracts within their control. This means you'll have a single point of contact for all your dealings with Mayfair Cleaning. Our Area Managers recruit and train their own staff, run the Daily and Periodical Cleaning contracts, and maintain contact with you. They report directly into the General Manager, checking in daily by exception. The General Manager takes the lead with some of the key accounts and is your second point of contact should your Area Manager not be available.
  • Meetings The frequency of client meetings can be specified to suit your needs. As a minimum, we will review every contract, every cleaner and report to every client monthly. At these meetings, we document progress and minute any issues, asking that the client sign off with any comments.
  • Specifications When we take on new business, a specification is drawn up detailing what is to be cleaned and how frequently. This is the benchmark by which we maintain standards and ensure that we fulfil our commitment to you. The same measure is used by our Area Managers when they make their site visits.

    In the case of larger contracts, additional indicators are brought into play - we measure consumables usage, the quantity of waste removed, the turnover of cleaners; we monitor Periodical Cleans and see that these have reached the required standard; we review training requirements and the site auditing data. Our benchmark score is 80%. Anything below this level fails.
  • Pricing We only charge one price: the price it takes to do a job properly. How we compete on price is by managing our margins, not by under-pricing a service. All of the work we have is properly budgeted, costed to allow the optimum time required for the task.
  • Suppliers Members of our talented core team are not experts in every aspect of the cleaning business. There are some tasks we will not undertake ourselves. But, we know specialists who can complement our skills.

    Key Suppliers are carefully chosen (by means of questionnaires, history-taking, previous work experience and recommendation). Most are long-term partners. We'll only change suppliers if there is just cause to do so. We believe in loyalty. And we believe that the best results are achieved by working with like-minded suppliers who share the same service goals as we do.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Mayfair Cleaning is clear about its social and environmental responsibilities as a leading Services Provider. Our CSR Committee has established Guiding Principles that reflect our commitments to our various Customers and Employees.

We encourage openness, integrity, customer focus, a results driven 'can do' attitude and a sense of teamwork. We seek to provide a flexible, supportive and safe working environment, which attracts talented individuals from all backgrounds.

We monitor our service performance to ensure we deliver quality services and provide our customers with value for money.

We're committed to minimising any negative impact on the environment arising through our business activities.

Read our full Corporate Social Responsibility policy (pdf)

Our Policies

In line with our core values of being always reliable, in touch and accountable, we make a point at Mayfair of sharing and explaining the policies that drive our business. These are set out below. Click on the link to open the pdf-format document and be sure to visit this page from time to time to keep up to date with changes and additions to the policies we work to.

Corporate Social Responsibility (pdf)

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